Score Some Free Stuff!!

One of the sites that I syndicate my articles on is having a huge contest, and you have great odds as it’s a smaller site with a small but ravenously maniacal following! The less users, the greater the odds.  I figure, based on their last contest, that you have a 1:75 shot at winning one of three big Wizards of the Coast prize packages!

Eye Of The Vortex Online, an entertainment and gaming news site that is focussed primarily on CCGs like Magic: The Moneypit and Battle Spirits (honestly, I have no clue what the hell Battle Spirits is…) but they’re tied into Wizards pretty deep, providing advance information on all kinds of stuff from Magic, D&D, and Heroscape.

So, don’t wait and lose like an idiot! Get over, sign up, and maybe win!  Worst case scenario, you took 5 minutes to sign up for yet another site that you’ll never visit again, best case, you love the site and get both a chance to win some groovy stuff AND were introduced to a cool little site by yours truly.


Just for the record, I don’t have a dog in the hunt in this contest and I just wanted to bring you some news and a chance to win!

In other news, I will be publishing some reviews on two bad-ass Flying Frog Productions games, Last Night on Earth and A Touch of Evil, as well as a Eurojizz review of  Tikal. Last but definately not least, the third entry in my “Conversation with an Innovator” series, with Andrew Parks, the brain behind the very, very cool Camelot Legends.

I’ve reached out to Zev at Z-Man games for an interview, but as I figured, he’s avoided me like sandpaper on a hemmhoroid.  I’m hoping he’ll get back with me, but I’m sure he’s a busy guy so I’m not holding my breath.  Well, that and I’m a fucking nobody, but I’m not counting that as a reason, right?

Game night tonight at Chez Superfly, and it’s going to be a 6-person DUEL TO THE DEATH with Heroscape and some Touch of Evil!

Happy Gaming!

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