Epic Engagements Has Arrived!

Well, boys and girls, I’ve finally completed all the writing, illustration, and playtesting of my new print-and-play game, EPIC ENGAGEMENTS! This is a space combat game, complete with its own Star Map, ships, statistics cards, tokens, and everything else you’d need to play.  If you don’t want to go through the trouble of cutting ships out, you can use the Statistics Cards and ships from Star Wars Minitatures: Starship battles as that game’s rules are incredibly craptastic.  I took some of the concepts there, amended them heavily, added a bunch of my own stuff in, then created 2 factions of ships and a backstory to go along with it!  All in all, it’s a ton of fun.  My buddy Mickey, his family, and my family have all played it a great many times during playtesting and it’s absolutely a blast to play.

Here’s some of the artwork:

The formidible Phalanx-Class Free Alliance of Stars Space Station:

The devastating Omicron-Class Continuum Battleship:
The nimble and powerful Falcon-Class Inderdictor Fighter:
…and 13 more ships, complete with their own statistics cards. 
Download it, along with the Star Map, here:
Any feedback would be appreciated!
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