News: Proof Of Time Travel?

I’m no conspiracy theorist, not by a long shot.  I’m also not a skeptic, though, and I am open to things that aren’t necessarily in our realm of understanding.  Like how Knizia games keep getting printed, for instance.

Anyhow, this is the single most compelling thing I’ve ever seen regarding time travel, which is theoretical (but only moving FORWARD in time) under Einstein’s special theory of relativity.  But what about BACK in time? Here’s some info on the reality of the possibility of time travel from a reasonably credible source:

So, it looks like our CURRENT UNDERSTANDING indicates that no, you can’t go back.  But, that being said, we used to think that the earth was flat and that people got sick from the Devil’s work, rather than by the little microbial bastards that actually make you sick. 

Here’s the rub: This guy in the UK, who is a big Charlie Chaplin fan, got a bunch of videos with “deleted scenes” and whatnot, and he found something that is amazing. He found what appears to be a terribly unfortunate-looking woman talking on a cellphone or other communications device, but in 1928.  Yes, I said 1928.

Let’s examine that, though.  Maybe it was a radio and she was singing along! No, the transistor radio wasn’t invented until 1954, the Texas Instruments TR-1.  Not even the basic TENETS of this technology existed in 1928, so there’s no argument that this could’ve been a ‘prototype’ being ‘field tested.  Further, who the tell talks into a radio?

What about a walkie talkie? A very basic version wasn’t invented until 1937, with real, workable versions not coming out until 3 years later.

So, looks like the lady in the ugly shoes is clearly talking into something. Take a look at the news story and decide for yourself, and make sure to watch the video at the bottom of the page as that’s the meat of this story.

And a counterargument..which I don’t tend to believe…

…because of the Siemens page for that product:
Maybe a hoax, maybe not, but either way, it’s fun to dream.

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2 thoughts on “News: Proof Of Time Travel?”

  1. Uh, and time machines were? If the advanced technology exists so that some old broad can go back in time to 1928 to see a Charlie Chaplin premiere, it must be so cheap that virtually anyone can do it. Thus, they have timephones. Must be a timephone. Why they don’t have a hands-free version so it’s not completely obvious…that I’ll never know. Probably the same reason our Jabras and whatnots still suck ass pretty bad.

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