Happy Thanksgiving! Now Let Me See Your Genitals, Please!

Ah, Thanksgiving. It’s the merriest time of the year, especially for the TSA, who will get to see more nakedness in one day than most of the people that visit websites like www.fulltube.xxx in the world.  When I was growing up, I never would’ve imagined that the State would illegally search people with carcinogenic, high intensity x-rays to the point where they could see every part of your glorious naked body, down to the millimeter. Why is anyone submitting to this illegal search?

Have the American politicians finally weakened our resolve as Americans to the point that we’re OK with giving up some of our most sacred rights for the ILLUSION of a tiny bit of security? What’s next? The mall cops are going to be fondling your wife’s breasts on the way in to get your Christmas presents because you might be a terrorist? Americans need to “man up” and accept that our policies over the past 50 years have pissed some people off, and they may want to blow YOU up.  Not “You” as in Americans, but YOU, PERSONALLY.  Deal with it.  Embrace it.

Go get a Concealed Carry license if you’re worried about it, because the cops can only show up to clean up the crime scene after you’re already dead, and the TSA are no different. Embrace the fact that as “civilized” as we believe ourselves to be, our Chevy Suburban’s tires are soaked with the blood of millions that we’ve allowed to be repressed and murdered, all so we can have that big screen TV and drive to the golf course in our 10MPG trucks. Everyone knows it, so don’t act surprised that I’m saying it.

There’s a crackhead within 30 miles of you that would slit your neck for a rock if they had the chance, so don’t think this is something new. There’s always people that want to do you harm, but is that a good reason to let your God-given rights (or Natural rights, if you’re not into that whole Deity thing) slip away to make you “feel better”?

But back to the subject, the Blue Shirts.  The TSA has been granted extraordinary leeway, by the fucking morons in Congress, to illegally search you, and the sole reason is economic and political. They want people to fly so that money can be made and taxies levied.  They want people to “feel safe” when they fly to aid in this, and the fact is that we’re no safer now than we were on 9/11. Terrorists can still blow you up, shoot you, or do anything they want. It’s all theater at the airport, because it’s extremely obvious to anyone with a modicum of sense that it’s not about actual safety and more about making you feel safe. The only problem is that I now have more fear of my own government than I have for being blown up.

Let’s take a look at what our friends at TSA are doing to “protect us”:

First, they said that “no images will be saved”, but in the usual Washington bullshit machine style, they lied:

Then, they said that “these machines are safe and do no harm”, yet this is substantially false as well:

But wait, it’s effective in stopping terrorism, right? Fuck no, it’s not:

But that was just a fluke, right? Nobody else, especially not a foreign national, could do that, right? Yeah, let’s just see about that, Mr. TSA douchebag:

But the TSA has sound judgement, right? They have the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom that tells them what is a weapon and what isn’t, right? Yeah, right:

But this is all totally legal, right, because Congress says so? No, it’s not. Back in the 1960s, our good friends on the Supreme Court actually indicated what constitutes a legal search and what doesn’t, and this is the case that decided what the government COULD and COULD NOT do:

So, this Thanksgiving is the National Opt-Out day.  I encourage you to send a strong message to the Politburo in Washington that we, as Americans, do not want to be looked at by a bunch of fucking TSA perverts, nor do we want images of our children’s naked bodies to be viewed by pedophiles on the internet at some point when the images are leaked, as they will most certainly be.

Check here for more info about this: http://www.optoutday.com/, and while the liberal morons will say this is about “the right’s agenda of racial profiling” to attempt to create a racism issue, because really, that’s all they ever do anymore. It’s not about racial profiling, it’s about individual profiling. If you have 20 stamps on your passport, some from the Gulf region, you need to be pulled aside and talked to.  The Israelis have done this for years and have never had a terrorist penetration into their airport, so why do we need to spend billions on this equipment that will most certainly be found to be illegal, then sent to a scrapyard somewhere? What, you say? The Israelis don’t need to see your kids’ naked bodies to stop terrorism? Let’s take a look at that:

Don’t give up your rights without a fight, that’s all I’m saying.  Just remember that the Government looks at your rights with great envy and furious anger, and they’ll do just about anything to make sure that eventually, you’ll be just a tax-creation machine with no individual rights for the purposes of “making this nation more secure.”

At least one Congressman has some cojones, though…

“Those who would give up essential liberty for temporary security deserves neither liberty nor security, and will invariably lose both.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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