Miniature Painting With A Purpose – Charity Auction

Mercilessly Pilfered from Fortress:Ameritrash, with permission from Jim Bailey:

I made a post about this earlier but here’s a refresher. Sorry if I ramble a bit. Dave Taylor is a legend in the Games Workshop world as a painter, organizer, and all around stand-up guy. He also happens to be a pal of mine and John’s. When he put up his exquisite Legio Custodes army for a charity auction, my ears pricked up. It turns out we have a couple of folks in our gaming community who have recently suffered incredible, insurmountable tragedies and Dave has raised the banner to rally us all. John and I do Grindhouse Games for fun as most of you know, just as we run the Alamo Fantasy and 40k GTs every year in San Antonio and do what we can to build community locally and worldwide. It’s all about the relationships we engender and lifelong friendships. Having just returned to my house at the conclusion of Alamo VI, I’m a bit choked with emotion. I spent the weekend with folks just coming into the hobby and folks I’ve been friends with for literally decades now. It was a time for sharing what has happened in our lives over the last year and discussing triumph and tragedy. The recession has not been kind. Many are out of work or underemployed. Some have suffered worse than mere financial woes. As you will see from Dave’s posts, It CAN get worse. What brought me into this hobby as a child soooo many years ago was a fascination with toy soldiers and gaming. What kept me in the hobby all these years was my friends and the community we have all built. All of you who are reading this know wat I mean. Every one of you is linked to your own local gaming crews just as strongly as I am to mine. You are also emotionally linked, as I am, to extended gaming groups that you only meet up with upon occasion over the years. I tell you this: We are ALL inextricably linked in a worldwide network of gamers…nay, friends. All for one, one for all. When I hear of the unimaginable misfortune of two of our comrades in arms, I am moved to follow our champion Dave as he does all that is in his power to alleviate the suffering.

Dave has painted up a complete set of Incursion models and resins from Fenris Games that, together with a brand new copy of the boxed game are being auctioned NOW on ebay. Dave is one of the best army painters in the world so this is indeed a rare treat. I encourage you to visit his blog, read about his process, and read about our cause. 100% of the take from this auction will go to pay the medical bills of our extended friends and you, the winner will have a one -of-a-kind: the best Incursion set in the world, bar none. Hell, if you want, I’ll send you a box with a thank-you note scribbled on it rather than the one Dave has in his possession :-). I have personally bid 500 dollars as a challenge. Beat me and you take the prize, help gamers in need, and get the coolest box of toys ever…

Thanks folks. It’s a tough old world. We may not be able to beat it, but we can damned sure do our best to help our friends.

Click here for to go to the ebay auction:

You can read more on Dave’s blog where he goes into detail about both the cause and his painting process on all the pieces:
And all I can hear, ringing in my ear, is Fat Mike singing “..The cause, we’re just doing it for the cause…”  Get out and bid it up. 

This is the cause Dave’s trying to support:

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