The Contest Winners……REVEALED!

Thanks to everyone who has signed up as a subscriber, and stay tuned for more contests that involve bizarre methods of winner selection. Skip to the last minute if you can’t take the pain…winners are announced there.

And now….the winners!

“Shawn” – Twilight Struggle
“v” – Cutthroat Caverns
“Airdroppers” – Saboteur
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10 thoughts on “The Contest Winners……REVEALED!”

  1. Me, my girl and a buddy built one of those and shot potato’s out of it, so I was a bit surprised when the pieces of paper didn’t go on fire.

    You really made my day dude. I was busy all day moving into my new house and carrying shit, I come to my friends house at 11pm, check ‘ on my laptop real quick for expected PM’s and BAM! YOU ROLLED FOR THE DROP SUCCESSFULLY. Epic.

    No lie, I was really excited when I was watching the video, like a kid on Christmas.

  2. “Airdroppers, how ironic” – nice :).

    Thanks, TNT, for doing this. Can’t wait to try out Cutthroat Caverns! Not just great reviews, free games, too. You’re a full service fun-stop :).

  3. That’s what the wife tells me…. ;)

    These are all going out today or tomorrow. Still waiting for a contact from “Shawn”, and hopefully I can get Twilight Struggle out.

    Every time I hear Twilight Struggle I keep thinking about coming home drunk and trying to get some action….

  4. Cool all!

    I’m going to get the games out TODAY, and I have all of your addresses, so keep an eye out.

    Thanks to all of you for reading, and I’ll attempt to put out a contest from time to time so that I can make room for more stuff!

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