Second Quarterly Giveaway…And You Thought I Forgot!

June is coming, which means the end of yet another quarter! Why do you care? Because The Circus is giving away more games!

This time I’ve picked out three more giveaways for you, my loyal subscribers. That being said, I’m not saying a thing about WHICH games they are, aside from that they’re worth more than $10 and less than $100, that they may be games that I’ve reviewed, and that you’re likely going to like them.

Yes, I know it’s vague. But that adds to the fun, if not for you, then for me!

1. You must be a Superfly Circus subscriber to qualify.
2. You must submit an email to me, noting your subscriber name here, that indicates which article you loved/hated the most, and why. Note that while I MAY OR MAY NOT choose to withhold the name you provide and will modify it if I do use it (ie. Doug from Memphis), I most certainly will be reprinting the letter to indicate why I chose yours as a winner. No email addresses will be shown in any case or circumstance, so don’t worry about hate mail.
3. The funnier, more touching, or more interesting the letter, the higher your chances of winning. If you say something like “Your El Grande article offended me because I think that the King in El Grande is the perfect size dildo, thank you very much, Mr. TNT”, that will get in the pile of potential winners. Writing “You are a mysogonistic scumbag that has no writing skills, you use too much foul language, and your bald head resembles the penis that you truly are” will also get you a shot. I’m an equal opportunity giver.
4. I will pay for the game to ship anywhere in the US. Outside of the US, I’ll pay for the first $20. Last contest cost me over a hundred bucks, and mama wasn’t happy.
5. I am the FINAL ARBITER of the winner. No arguments, no bitching or whining.
6. Winners to be determined and announced on or about JUNE 1, 2011.
7. I will email the winners at the same email address that the letter came from.
8. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT I WILL SELL OR USE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ANY REASON, WHATSOEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you get signed up for a gay porn website like or something that might offend, don’t blame me, because I didn’t sell your name.

So, in short, get those letters into…

superflytnt $at$ insightbb *dot* com

…and tell me why the Circus is the king shit of board game review blogs.

~ God Emperor For Life, The Superfly Circus

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3 thoughts on “Second Quarterly Giveaway…And You Thought I Forgot!”

  1. 4 in, and only one of them is even marginally funny. C’mon, kids, let’s see some epic comedic material!!!

    Good news is that with 4 in, there’s 3 winners and one loser!

  2. My bait-and-switch almost worked. I can’t seem to find a way to post under the winners page, so here seemed just as good as any.

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