The Superfly Circus GenCon 2011 Special Edition Magazine

I’m back from GenCon, and because I love my readers so very much, I took the time to go the extra mile. Not only did I do my usual write-up, I did it in e-magazine format!

You seriously need to check out all the crazy shit I saw at GenCon this year, and there’s all kinds of photos, news, and articles within to help you understand just how awesome the trip can be.

Highlights include:
Star Trek: Fleet Captain
Fantasy Flight
Wizards of the Coast
Alderac Entertainment Group
“The Afterparties” and barhopping in Indianapolis
The People Of GenCon
Dungeon Crawlers
The “You Stink And You’re Foul” Campaign
….and much, much more.

Best part, it’s completely free.

Download the 20 MB extravaganza here:

or here…if you can’t see the thumbnail reader view above:

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