Want some free games?

Well, the 2-year anniversary of this bottom-feeding den of filth and depravity (and the occasional word or two about board games) is about to roll into the station.

So, we’re giving some shit away. What kind of shit, you ask? Good shit. That’s the best kind.

Here’s the dealio:

To get something, follow this process:

A> Attempt to get someone to subscribe. Lie, cheat, steal, beg to accomplish this. Have them use the button, “Join this side”

The body count right now is at 157, so I’ll see the change.

B> Email me at superflytnt ^a t^ insightbb *nickname-for-dorothy* com with “Pete, send me some free shit” as the title. Tell me either WHO you signed up, and their name as illustrated above so I can correlate, OR ALTERNATIVELY, lie to me and tell me WHY you can’t get people to sign up. If it’s not a really outlandish lie, I may discount your entry.

C> Wait until around the 25th for an email, indicating you’ve won. If you don’t get it by the 25th, you didn’t win.  I’ll announce the winners after they’ve been chosen, at random. No cannons this time, just a plain old algorithm.

The list of games that are going out will be provided, in order, to the people that won. The folks will give me a number for each in the order of how many people they’d kill to get it. (Ie: highest is the most wanted, lowest is the least wanted.) The first person chosen by the algorithm will get the free game marked highest, and so on, until all games are gone.

I’m paying shipping, too, so it’s totally free.

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6 thoughts on “Want some free games?”

  1. I don’t know…that sounds really complicated. Can’t I just add a comment and beg for free shit? I will totally brag your site up if I win….

  2. First, I’d have to have the email address to contact you IF you won, which I can ensure you will not unless you actually email me.

    Second, you should be pimping my site out anyhow, you dick!

  3. Oh, and for the record, I’ve only gotten like 8 emails.

    So, either nobody reads this trash, which is likely, or nobody wants free shit.

    Thus far, the odds of winning are about 1:1

  4. Pete! I’m in the remedial group. Your email address is listed as superflytnt ^a t^ insightbb *nickname-for-dorothy* com, which doesn’t quite work as an email address. I’m not sure why it’s not coming up correctly, but could you let me know what your email address is?


  5. Umm… so I’m really not an idiot. I’ve just never known a Dorothy and didn’t know Dot would be her nickname. Please ignore my earlier comment.

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