Star Trek Heroclix: Tactics – Ship Cards With Powers and Dials!

I said it would be done, it just took longer than I had hoped, primarily because it commands a lot of time on weekends and late evenings. Especially with this family.

So, anyhow, there’s 2 full sets of cards in the file. One set has cards that, if you fold them in half, are roughly 2×3, perfect to load into Ultra Pro 2×3 hard toploaders (as I have done).  But since we’re all getting older, and I’m used to big SSDs from Star Fleet Battles and whatnot, I also made a larger set with each card being about a quarter sheet. Just print the ones you want, preferably on 80 or 100# cardstock, cut them and launch away!

Single sided printing, because most home printers can’t align front to back worth a damn.

Here’s an idea of what they look like:

Regular size, Page 1

Large size, Page 1

As you can see, they have both the power text as well as the full printout of the Heroclix dial, effectively allowing you to know how many hits a ship can absorb before death, and when the powers will come into play for strategic purposes.

No more bullshit PAC lookups, and no references to super hero powers, or “characters” anymore. All ships, all the time.


Download here from my ultrafast server, file is PDF and it’s about 60 megabytes.

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3 thoughts on “Star Trek Heroclix: Tactics – Ship Cards With Powers and Dials!”

  1. I really enjoy this set, my only 2 comments would be that a few of the ships have incorrect abilities (look at Enterprise-E and notice the quantum torpedoes are missing and breakaway is there instead) and that it would be useful if the dial tables had numbers above them for quicker reference on what damage level you are at. Otherwise very very well done.

  2. Fuck.

    Good lookin’ out! That was a stupid mistake on my part.

    If you want to be a big help, point out the other errors. Note that some were errata’d from Clixworld or wherever I got those dial charts from, I believe.

    That would be awesome, I’ll fix and repost.

    email me! superflytnt TA insightbb TOD MOC

    Backwards to avoid viagra spam

  3. Excellent, excellent resource! This allows me to use the Fleet Captains minis for a plain old round of ‘Clix. Thanks so much!

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