Todd Brietenstein Of Twilight Creations Succumbs To His Illness

I’m sad to report that Todd Brietenstein, co-founder and President of Twilight Creations Inc., passed away yesterday, after suffering with a very aggressive cancer. Todd was a local boy here in Northern Kentucky, and he will be sorely missed. He is survived by his wife, Kerry, who is the Vice President of Twilight Creations, as well as their three wonderful children.

It’s few and far between that you’ll find so prolific a game company as Twilight Creations. They’ve been in business for only 12 years, but have developed and printed 24 core games as well as innumerable expansions. Their first game, “Zombies!!!” has been continuously in print since 2001 and has been supplemented by no less than 11 expansions as well as five more parts kits. It is one of the most easily recognizable games in our entire hobby, being represented in virtually every game store in the United States as well as in stores such as Hot Topic and Barnes and Noble. It was, coincidentally enough, one of the first hobby games I played after re-entering the hobby some ten years ago, and it will always be one of the games that shall persistently sit on my game shelf.

I once reviewed one of their games, Zombie Survival, which has recently released an expansion, and I encourage you to support Kerry in her time of sorrow any way you can, first and foremost by going out and purchasing Zombies!!! or any of Twilight Creations’ other fine games, so that you can do just what Todd would’ve wanted – enjoy his games, and spend time with your friends and family. I’m sure the extra orders will help them with any medical bills they might have, and it would be a perfect tribute to one of the “good guys” in the gaming industry.

Here’s the Twilight Creations website, starting with a list of their games:

And a link to my Zombie Survival review:

Via con Dios, Todd, and may you at last have the peace that you so richly deserve.

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