Spacemen and Scribbles Adventure #1: SAUCER ESCAPE

Well, I’ve spent way too much time lately playing Grey Gnome Games’ DOOM REALM , an absurdly entertaining new line which pays homage to Mark Jindra’s exceptional Pencils and Powers game. Well, as usual, it sparked some creativity in me, and since my fingers are bleeding from learning new guitar songs, I figured some time away on the computer would be good.

So, I developed another homage to both these folks’ bad ass games, with unique twists and cool nicked artwork. I’ll be publishing a series of  these games with original art from my daughter at some point in the near future…I saved all the original files in layers so it will be easy, and I pixel-drew the icons so we’re all good there. SHHHH…I don’t need any drama in my life. I’ll add a page to BGG soon enough…if I’m allowed under my blanket ban.

Here’s the link to the first game in the series: SAUCER ESCAPE. I’m calling the series SPACEMEN AND  SCRIBBLES, and I’ll be pumping these out as fast as my mind and fingers can work.

Link: Saucer Escape: A Spacemen and Scribbles Adventure

It’s FREE! Always will be. If I can figure out how to write IOS (I’m an old Cobol/VB/VBA/C++ programmer…) then maybe I can make these for iPad…that would be the MOTT’S!


UPDATE 10/25/2017

I wasn’t happy with the way it looked, and as usual, my perfectionism caused me 15 hours of extra work. I completely rewrote the rules and completely reworked the game sheet file…from the ground up. It’s a much better product now. Thanks for all the feedback, especially from Mark Jindra himself, the originator of the Roll-and-Write system I used as inspiration while designing this.



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5 thoughts on “Spacemen and Scribbles Adventure #1: SAUCER ESCAPE”

  1. Very cool. You did a great job adapting Doom Realm to a Sci-Fi theme. I’m glad that Pencils & Powers can be an inspiration and look forward to playing this.

  2. I learned from the best, Mark!

    I’ve spent the entire night upgrading to an HD version (600DPI) as the imagery is kind of muddy and I’m a perfectionist.

    My wife and I played a few times over lunch and got 88 and 96, respectively, and the heroes were beat to a pulp. I did some retuning and instead of just rebuilding the map, I built a template system so I can easily and quickly make new adventures in any genre with any art assets.

    If you ever want the source (and know Paint.Net), you’re welcome to it.

  3. This was quite fun. I managed 81 on my first try and finished the game on turn 21 with no dead heroes .

    Thoughts: I only gained two total levels both on the intelligence officer and in the end that is really 14 lost points. The gaining of powers as you go up in levels seems to me like it just won’t happen often enough as artifacts are too scarce and would be worth just starting with all 3 powers at your disposal.

    Rules: The rules mention “Threat Track” on the second line of text and I think you meant “Enemy Track”. What a med-kit does doesn’t seem to be in the rules but it is on the random roll chart. Check the text under DAMAGE as I think you have a copy paste sentence in there that doesn’t need to be.

    Enemies: I am not sure you need the reduction against shields and lasguns on the enemy track as it really sort of clutters it up. Maybe just decrease them a bit and have a few enemies with no defenses like that. Overall though the enemies are quite powerful and on the verge of almost too hard. But I liked that.

    Powers: I think the scanner report ability would let you shade in anywhere which then lets you continue shading from that location and I could just shade in 4 “?” anywhere, I am not sure that is what you intended. I think 3 laws should just shut down TA3-3M so you don’t loose 5 points doing so but loose access to his powers, guns, and shields for the rest of the game that way you don’t have to sacrifice those points. I would also swap the medic and predictive algorithm numbers, 1 for PA and 2 for medic to make the medic more useful. Does the security officer need two different abilities that destroy guns and shields. Based on the rapid fire ability I would change that to rather than destroy the lasgun or shield belt they could simply gain a +1 bonus and change the gambit ability to destroy the gun to maybe do 3 damage like putting a star trek phaser on overload.

    The Map: Entrances to rooms should be clearer as I could not figure out how to get into the lab and factory until I looked real close at the map. I would suggest that the door overlap the image so as to show where the entrance is or be drawn more like the doors on Pencils & Powers.

    Escape Pod: I think it filled up way to fast. I was able to roll them on the first 5 rolls as one of those had 2 doubles. You have a 72 percent chance of rolling a double. But there is more like a 44% chance of 3 matching dice on a roll of 4d6 and might be more where you want to go. That would make you pay powers or artifacts to reroll to get those triples if you had not fueled the pod by the half way point.

    Random Events: I like that the table is linear with good on one end and bad as the decent stuff will be at the center of that bell curve. I found however that when able to choose because of the intel officers ability I grabbed lasguns and advanced a reward track as they gave me the biggest bang for my buck.

    Anyway that’s my 2 cents worth. I plan to give it another try later this week.

    1. P.S. maybe drop the 10 points for fueling the Drop Ship as you can”t win without it so it is not necessary. Instead give 5 points per level gained on your heroes that way you pay 7 artifacts for a level that nets you 5 points, 1 health, and 1 power. It would may losing those artifacts worth it and balance the point loss when you spend the artifacts.

      1. I saw your comment via email…182 points is insane! 59 Artifacts…59? How the hell did you manage that?

        There’s 30 possible from the Location Tracks and 15 from the Reward Tracks..did you hit the Amelia Earheart’s Body Event several times using Quick Thinking and Good Intel?

        To get to that level you had to buff all of the Locations to max (meaning you had to spend all 30 turns spending a die on each, meaning you rolled exceptionally well) and that you buffed up the Reward Track 15 times to get the 15 Artifacts available there.

        There’s 12 points each for 6 Enemies = 72
        There’s 7 points each for 6 Rewards = 42
        10 each for boss and fuel = 20
        Max base points: 134
        5 Artifacts from Rewards = 15
        30 Artifacts from Locations = 30
        TOTAL Possible points = 179

        So, to get 182 with 59 Artifacts you had to have a base score of 123, less 20 for Hive and Fuel. You have to had filled up all locations fully, plus gotten the Reward Tracks at least 15 times.

        That is some bad ass rolling!

        I’m going to evaluate the Artifact scoring. I wanted Leveling to be very situational and tough to decide on, which is why I had 7 Artifacts cost (7 point loss).

        Very interesting!

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