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The Superfly Circus was created because my little gaming group was tired of trying to wade through the sea of hype, propaganda, and horribly written reviews when we wanted to determine if a game would be fun, suitable to our tastes, and awesome in every way. None of us are independently wealthy land barons or pimps with a sea of chickens out working for us, so each penny we spend on a game needs to have a great return on investment. Thus, we decided that I would set up a site, we would have rules and unbreakable laws that would govern our activities, and I was then to write articles about our experiences.

The biggest problem with finding a game has always been the “WHY” factor; many reviews will deliver an almost word-for-word rules explanation (hey, asshat, I can download the rules…) with a short pro- and con- summary at the bottom. Sadly, these people can’t seem to explain WHY they like or hate a game, or WHY it is different than the ocean of games available on the market. Worse, they were boring to read and I suspect those who write like that would have their hand fall asleep while masturbating. So, we wanted to deliver great quality reviews that answer the truly key questions about a game: IS IT FUN, WHY IS IT FUN, AND WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL. We also wanted to include college humor, dick jokes, totally immature references, and when possible, cultural perspective into the board game hobby. It’s fine to be factual, but we’re fun-loving, crazy ass people, and anything worth doing is worth doing while injecting fun into it. Sometimes I fail as a writer when it comes to the jokes, but what I never do is fail to deliver totally free, unbiased, non-hive mind reviews that tell you all of the things you want to know about a game.

We’ve been at this since mid-2010, and we’ve produced well over one hundred reviews, not to mention giving away tons of games for free, a veritable army of commentary, and many home-brewed tools, aids, and extensions for some of your favorite games. As of July 2014, we have our own domain, and we’re still ad-free, bias-free, and mostly tact-free. We shall strive to be the place you come when you’re sick of the usual suspects, want to learn about new and old games, and want a place that sick freaks talk about games. Maybe we’ll do a podcast someday, or videos, but the fact is that we strive to do one thing, and one thing well, so for now, what you see is what you get. No bollocks.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope that you will eventually call yourself a Circus Freak like the rest of us!

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