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Johnny Lauck Is Back…

jbcastingsJohnny Lauck has been a huge part of the miniatures world for a long time – the man is a legend in the circles I’ve traveled. You may remember him from Mega Miniatures – an incredible catalog of miniatures for virtually any genre, not to mention dungeon dressings and accessories. He wanted to retire, so he sold off most of his master molds and apparently walked away, much to the sadness of many, myself included. He gave fair warning, as did I in this post, and I got a hundred bucks or so of product for my last order. The good news is that a great array of companies have picked them up and still produce them, with the bad news being that what good ol’ Johnny charged a buck and a half for, the new companies generally are pricing the same models for four bucks.

Well, the man himself decided to send me a real-life letter with some promotional material…and as you might have guessed, he’s now in a state of pseudo-retirement, and he’s got a huge new range of corpses! He’s back from the dead with death, so to speak. I just ordered 40$ worth, because I can’t help myself, and there’s nothing that says “Post-Apoc” like car wrecks on the board, surrounded by charred bodies. HELL YEAH! The best part is that the models run from $0.50 to $4.00 as far as I could tell.

Check out this LIMITED EDITION range, available until October 31st, at which point if he puts some sci-fi or post-apoc stuff up for sale, I’ll probably need to sell off a kidney. Here’s just part of one page from his catalog, which can be gotten at the link below the image:


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