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Whoa…A Blast From My Past! Attacktix

I used to play this awesome little dexterity game called “Attacktix” and am still, to this day, really great friends with a lot of the folks I met during my time playing it.
So, here’s some stuff I dug up and thought you’d enjoy:
My buddy created a video for the tournament I hosted in Ohio back in like 2005…
…and I loved the game so much I made an entire table devoted to playing it, complete with terrain and a working electric elevator (which didn’t work at the time…).  My buddy Chris and I played a match and the comedy ensued. So, I had to spice the video up.
And the elevator DID work…just didn’t have the clamp to hold the dudes on, until now..
And the final product of the Nar Shaddaa playset that some wanker bigger than me paid me an assload to take home to Tennessee with him since it had the blast shields and command room sections built.
Kind of miss those days. But like I said, I’m still really close friends with Chris and my buddy Tim who I meet up with as often as possible. Those two are the guys that I played King of Tokyo and Panic Station with the first time.
Good times, folks.
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