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Recently (and probably only temporarily) I got a side-gig working with Michael Barnes, Charlie Theel,  and Miniature Market, to do reviews. This is a paid gig, where they theoretically pay me $20.00 per 750-1000 word article. They put no restrictions on it, aside from not using any vile language, which I agreed to. Go here to see the articles, if you’re so inclined.

The articles there are NOT in any way reflective of the opinions of the Circus. This isn’t because it’s a commercial deal – Michael told me if I was assigned a game and hate it, to shit all over it and submit it, as long as it’s a quality review. The reason that it’s not reflective of Circus opinions is because the Circus isn’t reviewing them. These games assigned to me are going to be played by my daughters and wife, or with the Circus Freaks, and I’m not doing polling for scores like we do normally here.  The Miniature Market reviews are simply MY views on the game, just me, nobody else. So, it’s a much different thing. I may review the same titles here at the Circus, but those reviews will reflect the groupthink, not my personal evaluation.

This is not, also, an endorsement of Miniature Market, although I have bought from them and have never had any problem. They just happen to be the ones who want me to write for them, and I agreed to it. No more, no less.

Why do you care?

Because this is a golden opportunity for the Circus to start doing new things. See, I’m not made entirely of solid gold and my cup isn’t overflowing with Franklins. I’ve wanted, for a long time, to start taking requests from readers, but sadly, I know I’d always disappoint because I can’t always just go out and buy games like I might otherwise. So, this is the plan: I’m going to hoard the $60.00 per month I reckon I’ll make doing those articles, and I’m going to buy a game that you fine readers request that I play. I’m going to simply take all of the existing review requests, put them in a randomization machine of some sort, and that’s the one I do. If more money’s left over, then I buy another.


If you want us to review a game, please use the CONTACT page to let us know. Yes, that entire last sentence is a link to the contact page, or you can click “Contact the Ringmaster” on the menu bar.


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