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At some point, there’s someone out there who would like to have a word with me. Well, you can do that by simply emailing me here.

Feel free to drop me a line if you want us to review a particular game, want to discuss the finer points of one of our articles, want to deliver hate speech, whatever you wish. If you’re a publisher, please feel free to solicit us ¬†for a review, but be mindful that we do not accept every review request, we will not review a Kickstart project unless it’s done with development, and know that if we play it at your request per our site bylaws, we will write a review and the outcome is not guaranteed to be positive. Caveat Venditor.

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2 thoughts on “Contact The Ringmaster”

  1. I downloaded your Star Trek tactics Heroclick cards, and they are AWESOME!!
    I was hoping that you would revisit this line and do the newer sets that are out now. Again excellent work on the 1st round.

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