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At some point, there’s someone out there who would like to have a word with me. Well, you can do that by simply emailing me here.

Feel free to drop me a line if you want us to review a particular game, want to discuss the finer points of one of our articles, want to deliver hate speech, whatever you wish. If you’re a publisher, please feel free to solicit us  for a review, but be mindful that we do not accept every review request, we will not review a Kickstart project unless it’s done with development, and know that if we play it at your request per our site bylaws, we will write a review and the outcome is not guaranteed to be positive. Caveat Venditor.

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6 thoughts on “Contact The Ringmaster”

  1. I downloaded your Star Trek tactics Heroclick cards, and they are AWESOME!!
    I was hoping that you would revisit this line and do the newer sets that are out now. Again excellent work on the 1st round.

  2. Hi,
    My partners and I are Castle Bravo Games, a new indie game company out of Casper, Wyoming (yes it is a real place) and we have just finished producing our first game, Oscar’s Hot Night Out (or OHNO, as we affectionately call it around the office.)

    OHNO is a card game about naming bizarre, often dirty, and occasionally anatomically impossible activities involving two or more consenting adults. OHNO is definitely meant for the older and somewhat jaded crowd, but is (in our humble opinion) wickedly funny and delightful.

    Games with adult humour and cards seem to be everywhere now, but we think OHNO is different and a step above the glut. I mean obviously we do, or we wouldn’t have sunk all this money into making it — but that is besides the point. The point is we would like to know what YOU think of it, and would appreciate if you told everyone else.

    If you’re interested, and can maybe bring yourself to take a look at another Adult Party Game, we would sure like to hear from you and would be happy to get you a copy of OHNO to do with as you will.

    Chris Tolliver and the Crew of CBG

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