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Spacemen and Scribbles Adventure #1: SAUCER ESCAPE

Well, I’ve spent way too much time lately playing Grey Gnome Games’ DOOM REALM , an absurdly entertaining new line which pays homage to Mark Jindra’s exceptional Pencils and Powers game. Well, as usual, it sparked some creativity in me, and since my fingers are bleeding from learning new guitar songs, I figured some time away on the computer would be good.

So, I developed another homage to both these folks’ bad ass games, with unique twists and cool nicked artwork. I’ll be publishing a series of  these games with original art from my daughter at some point in the near future…I saved all the original files in layers so it will be easy, and I pixel-drew the icons so we’re all good there. SHHHH…I don’t need any drama in my life. I’ll add a page to BGG soon enough…if I’m allowed under my blanket ban.

Here’s the link to the first game in the series: SAUCER ESCAPE. I’m calling the series SPACEMEN AND  SCRIBBLES, and I’ll be pumping these out as fast as my mind and fingers can work.

Link: Saucer Escape: A Spacemen and Scribbles Adventure

It’s FREE! Always will be. If I can figure out how to write IOS (I’m an old Cobol/VB/VBA/C++ programmer…) then maybe I can make these for iPad…that would be the MOTT’S!


UPDATE 10/25/2017

I wasn’t happy with the way it looked, and as usual, my perfectionism caused me 15 hours of extra work. I completely rewrote the rules and completely reworked the game sheet file…from the ground up. It’s a much better product now. Thanks for all the feedback, especially from Mark Jindra himself, the originator of the Roll-and-Write system I used as inspiration while designing this.



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